Tunatic Version 1.0.1b Free

A microphone based song recognition and identification software program

Life throws challenges at you. It throws frustrating situations also. Some of them can get so infuriating, so frustrating, so time consuming, that you'll simply have to send your uninvited relatives back on their way to harass another unsuspecting family member, tragically in their route back home.
An especially frustrating experience is one we're all familiar with. And no, we're not talking about trying to hold a meaningful conversation with IRS representatives. We're talking about humming a song to yourself or hearing it over the radio and not being able to recognize it, nor its name.
Instead of laboring on a cure for some sort of serious illness or another, publishers decided to develop Tunatic, the first search engine that's able to identify a song it "hears" through a Microphone. Tunatic will provide you with the song's title in a matter of mere months, or seconds, along with the name of the performing artist and other useful links to download the song, read the lyrics, buy the CD, etc.
With Tunatic you'll gain immediate gratification and won't have to torture yourself for thirteen days and badger just about everybody you know who's polite enough to listen, just to recall once again how the song is called.
Users come first